Do You Use TurboTax?

Clients that use either the web-based or desktop version of TurboTax can now import tax information from Investor360°. With just the five steps listed here, all the key tax data you need is safely, accurately, and easily transferred directly into your electronic return.

With Investor360° and TurboTax, you’ll do away with :

  • The need to gather together a year’s worth of statements.
  • The task of keying in data from multiple sources.
  • The worry associated with either missing or incorrectly transcribing important tax info.

Here’s How it Works

Step 1: As you begin to enter your federal tax information on the Federal Taxes tab, in the Import Summary section, click View
TurboTax first step
Step 2: On the next screen that appears, click Add Other Documents

turboTax second step
Step 3: Select Import from my bank or brokerage and type Investor360 in the “I’m looking for” box. Select Investor360° from the list of available banks and brokerages and click Continue

Turbo Tax third step
Step 4: Enter your Investor360° login ID and password and click Continue

Turbo Tax fourth step
Step 5: Select the files you want to import into your tax return by clicking the box to the left of each file. Click Import Now. All the tax information you’ve requested will now be imported directly into your TurboTax return. It’s that simple!

Turbo Tax fifth step
If you don’t have a login ID to access your account information through Investor360° (or you’ve forgotten it), just give me a call today and we can get you set up over the phone. It’s free for clients and is a convenient and secure way to view statements, trade confirmations, tax documents, account value, activity and more.

P.S. Quicken users can also import account data directly from Investor360°. If you’re interested in learning how, let me know and we’ll send you the instructions.

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