What is your management fee?
For managed accounts, the fee is assessed as a percentage of assets under management. The rate primarily depends on the amount being managed. A general guideline is as follows:

$50,000 – $500,000: 1.0% annually
$500,001 – $1MM: 0.85% annually
$1MM – $5MM: 0.75% annually
>$5MM: negotiable depending on size

Can you accommodate the need for regular monthly or quarterly withdrawals?
No problem. We can set up automatic transfers to a bank account or provide you with checking/debit card access to the cash portion of your investment account. Spending assumptions can be built in to the asset allocation and position size calculations that drive our process to ensure that cash needs are provided for while allowing the rest of the portfolio to be managed according to plan.

What kind of clients do you serve?
Our approach was designed to benefit moderate to conservative investors that are interested in growth but place a high priority on preservation of capital. Individuals near or in retirement and entities like charitable endowments or foundations will find that this method of portfolio management was intentionally developed to address their most common and specific concerns:

  • Preservation of capital during adverse market conditions.
  • Preservation of ability to produce income during periods of market adversity.
  • Specific and repeatable rules that govern not only protective exits, but also how and when to re-enter markets.

How is your approach different from other investment advisors?
Our method of managing investment portfolios is substantially different from most. Rather than attempting to predict the future from the same news and valuation metrics that everyone else uses, we use a set of math-driven rules to determine investment decisions. There is nothing predictive about it. All decisions are driven by an understanding of risk and the probability of success. No investor is perfect. Our difference is in acknowledging imperfection and carefully planning for it so that value is better protected during adverse conditions, allowing us to more fully participate as conditions improve.

If you would like a more detailed presentation of how the process works, please call (541)753-1808 to schedule an in-person or online meeting where we can go through the methodology step-by-step and how it can be tailored to your specific situation. In the meantime, here are a few articles that will provide some insight:

Do you have a performance track record I can see?
Sure. Bear in mind that we are not managing a fund, but individual client portfolios. After a discussion that reveals a better understanding of your risk tolerance and investment objectives we can provide you with historical return figures for accounts with similar characteristics.

What other services do you provide?
PLC Asset Management is strictly focused on managing investment portfolios. Although we are happy to collaborate with other professionals and provide referrals if needed, we do not sell insurance or write budgets or prepare tax returns. Our efforts are 100% committed to investment management.

Will you work on an hourly basis instead of a management fee?
In some project-oriented circumstances, consultation on an hourly basis is possible. This arrangement is typically conducted on a short-term or sporadic as-needed basis.

Have a question of your own? Just give us a call at (541)753-1808.

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